The Essential
Flo Pod System

Essentially the best device For all your cannabis needs

Essentially the best device for all your cannabis needs

Flo Industries partnered with a GMP certified-trusted global leader to innovate the future of cannabis consumption.
Our team of experts are dedicated to provide the market a memorable and premium oil to concentrate experience.
Flo originated from a combination of experts in the latest extraction science to our responsibly sourced partners in
advanced vape technology who believe in innovating the purest product while protecting the safety our consumers.

With the most natural, pure, and safety-compliant products we invite you to the question.

Whats your Flo?

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Your Flo should be powerful, inspiring, and a memorable experience.

iso 9001
iso 14001

We responsibly source our partners to empower our brand and lifestyle. We strive to educate and provide the best cannabis consumption experience for our consumers.

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Our All in-One

Pod System

An essential Upgrade:
The body is beautifully designed with a touch of modern and ergonomic details for a better flow of handling. With it’s magnetic connection and inhale activation, the Flo Pod-System makes it simple, discreet, and adaptable to your environment.

Delta 9
Shatter, wax, Crumble, HTFSE
Live Rosin

Dimensions: 78.8mm 22.9mm 11.0mm
Capacity: 330mAh
Output: 3.5V
Material: PC
Charge: Micro USB

Connection: Magnetic
Activation: Inhale Activated
Tank: Medical Grade PCTG
Coil Material: Flo Ceramic Coil
Center Post: 316 Stainless Steel

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Inhale Activated

Available in 1mL

330 mAh Battery

Medical Grade PCTG

FLO ULTRATM Ceramic Coil

316 Stainless Steel

Lab Tested for Heavy Metals

Micro USB

What’s your Flo?

With vapor consumption in demand we innovate to provide the most versatile pods capable of any experience.

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