Taking vape technology to the next level
FLO Disposable

Taking vape technology to the next level.

Essentially the best device for all your cannabis needs

The FLO disposable is designed to provide a high premium consumption experience. for the user who is always on-the-go. Convenience is everything, and for that reason we made it a priority to equip our disposable with a 1mL tank and a fully charged high-grade battery. Some key features include our anti-clogging stainless steel post with multiple extract compatibility along with an inhale activated igniter. We understand the battery life may not power the full consumption of your oil which is why we took the extra step to make your disposable rechargeable. With the most natural, pure, and safety-compliant products we invite you to the question.

What's your FLO?

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Parallax Image

Your FLO Disposable is responsibly sourced with the highest level safety rating.

iso 9001
iso 14001

Our hardware is heavy metals tested, passing all levels of Arsenic, Cadium, Lead, and Mercury. Our factory is ISO certified, GMP Certified, FDA approved, ROHS Compliant, BPA Free, Food Grade Materials, and Recyclable.

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Use & Recycle


Essentially for the rush

The premium metallic finish body makes it indestructible for those on the go. We keep it simple and provide a 1mL tank that consistently provides smooth hits. We were able to achieve a slim minimal body design by keeping it inhale activated, this allows for less material thrown after use. Now we encourage you to recycle when your all done. Thank you.

Delta 9


Shatter, wax, crumble, HTFSE


Live Rosin

Dimensions: 8.0*17.0*109.0mm

Capacity: 280 mAh

Rechargeable Disposable

Charging Port: Micro USB 

Output Voltage: 3.4 V

Tank Material : Medical Grade PCTG

Coil material: FLO Ceramic Coil

Center Post: 316 Stainless Steel

Inhale Activated

Available in 1mL

330 mAh Battery

Medical Grade PCTG

FLO ULTRATM Ceramic Coil

316 Stainless Steel

Lab Tested for Heavy Metals

Micro USB

We keep it at the right FLO

We keep it at the right FLO

With disposables hitting the market fast, we decided to take our time to achieve the best experience while following the highest standards of compliance. Reach out to a FLO representative to learn how to get your hands on our newest disposable device. 

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